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Most of us traders had started with losing. We were just not really prepared and underestimated the challenge. Markets are like chaos. Change is sudden and unexpected. We need to come with a good plan.

We have to build on an inner disposition that allows winning. Why would we not? We have been successful in life, we have been making the money to start a trading account. Well, trading markets is a much more demanding task. You have to learn to dance. And you have to decide, you have to be absolutely clear about it: You really want to generate profits!
When you experience yourself in drawdown territory, you have to make a stop and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my trading plan sufficient? (It probably is not good enough. There is always need for improvement.)
  • Do I really want to make money? (The subconscious may be wanting to get rid of the stuff.)
  • What unresolved emotion is coming up? Is there an instance inside of me, that uses trading for bringing old stuff up? (Quite probably there is )


We will not be successful by getting back to zero again!

Back to zero is not enough. Zero is not what we call “profits”. When your motivation for a trade was: “I have to make up for the losses!”, you at best will only achieve that. You need to forget about the losses. You need to start fresh. You need to have a proactive motivation setup. You need to go for a goal instead of getting away from a painful loss.

That is much easier said than done. There are a lot of emotions coming with the loss. We do our Time Line Process or an Atisha Meditation or some other procedure to digest emotional charge. These methods are even capable of liberating us from all the old charge.

You have to ask yourself: What is my gain from experiencing losses?

There may be a (higher) consciousness inside of you that wants to teach you a valuable lesson. You are about to learn humbleness and modesty. You are to become a lovable person.

You were used to powering yourself to business success. But trading is different. Trading is very honest. (I am talking about the traders. I am not talking about brokers like MF Global and banks like JPM.) No networking, no bullying, no bribing will help you here. You need a different being here. You need to be humble, surrendering to higher powers (the market), serene, very aware, almost compassionate.

Trading is an art. Music, dance, poetry.

By losses you will learn to be an artist. You will have to let go of your old self, the powerful business man or woman. Engineers, programmers, and the like, are also in need for evolution here. Markets are not controllable. It is good to be able to build a trading system. But you need some intuition (which comes out of your humble devotion to the great goddess of markets) as well.

Losses? Make a break, discharge emotions, change your self, invent a reasonable trading approach, start fresh!

How exactly do we do that? We will explain in the next postings.

Become a winning trader by learning the market dance!


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